Frequiently Asked Qustions
What are your company's areas of expertise?
We specialize in mobile application development.
What sets your company apart from other IT outsourcing companies?
We are a team of industry veterans always willing to go the extra mile. We value our employees; offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits package. This sets us apart as we have gathered great minds who can reckon you an efficient solution to your problem.
Describe the composition of a dedicated team. What is the role of each member?
For dedicated teams, we have an engagement model called Dedicated Development Center (DDC). Key roles assigned in DDC structure:
  • DDC Head
  • Project Manager
  • Team Members
Please provide a background of your implementation team. Will the implementation team alse act as the outgoing support team?
Our implementation team includes deployment experts, database administrator, software engineers. The implementation team also acts as support team.
What training programs are established in your organization?
Our Human Resource department is always working on extensive skill development programs for employees. We conduct regular trainings to ensure that our employees are coping up with latest technological advancements.
What employee retention initiatives do you have in place?
We have high employee retention rate as we offer our employees comprehensive benefits package.
Do you use sub contractors for any work performed for the client?
We do not outsource to subcontractors as we do have the bandwidth and resources to successfully execute your project.
Do you have a defined project management methodology?
We follow scrum methodology; an agile software development approach for effective management of complex software products.
What are your reporting guidelines for deliverables and performance?
We follow defined process for project status reporting. We use multiple communication channels to provide detailed project reports on weekly, bi-monthly and monthly basis.

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